If managers use their intuition, they can find a new, different scope of action for consciously influencing behaviour and development. Our intuition – the interaction between experience, knowledge, emotion and unconscious beliefs – guides all of our decision-making processes.


The guiding principle for this is communicating with and leading our own person and it is therefore an important area of learning for everyone. Being the person that we truly are allows us to appear authentic, transparent and therefore effective. Consistency rather than perfection leads to authentic behaviour. This is facilitated through creating harmony between our self-image – how we perceive ourselves – and our public image – how others perceive us. Reconciling our self-image and our public image through the use of feedback is the biggest area of development for people who operate in organisations.

People have an acute sense for authenticity. Inauthentic or superficial conduct causes confusion. Being authentic, on the other hand, is sure to convince and impress the listener. When we behave authentically, we come across as real people, we create trust and we build relationships. In doing so, we lay the foundations for effective management and gain charisma, allowing us to act formatively in the moment as a manager or key actor. NoTool stands for developing authenticity!


The only thing is that authenticity also brings out the darker sides of our personality in their full and true form. The uncertainties and anxieties hidden behind the façade we put on come to the light. Revealing all the challenging situations in the everyday life of management positions, the irritation, impatience and embarrassment, can unsettle people and cause a drop in expertise.
Developing our personality  – facing our fears and weaknesses, drawing strength from our true abilities – is the key component for successful management development. Only then can the various tools and techniques we learn be translated convincingly into effective management.


Elisabeth Böhm

Senior Consultant | Coaching (with Trigon) | Executive board member of a social-profit organisation | Historian and Germanist

Key focuses

  • Management development
  • Moderating and guiding teams and team development processes
  • Supporting processes of change
  • Executive coaching


We have more possibilities than courage

eMail @ Elisabeth Böhm
+43 (699) 10 41 76 13

Reinhard Traunfellner

Executive partner | Management consultant | Skilled baker

Key focuses

  • Supporting and advising management teams
  • Supporting processes of change
  • Identifying and resolving conflict situations
  • Management development
  • Executive coaching


Address reality | Authenticity and open discussion | Confrontation and appreciation | Courage in difficult disputes | The only way out is by putting in the hours | Resolution means becoming free | Do things differently and better | Mistakes just show what’s missing | No answers are found without a question | A person who is in control of their identity is in control | A fool with a tool is still a fool | Confusion is illuminating

eMail @ Reinhard Traunfellner
+43 (664) 213 97 44



Associate Consultant | 25 years of experience in leading global teams | Executive roles in international pharmaceutical companies | Degree in Systemic Coaching, Organizational and Personnel Development | Business Training  | Dipl. Shiatsu practitioner | PhD Food- and Biotechnology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Key Activities

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development and Coaching
  • Accompanying organizations through transformation processes and restructuring phases
  • Corporate Organizational Development and Consulting
  • Executive Coaching


Change of perspective increases the scope of action | Being authentically effective | Leadership mainly requires to lead oneself | Here & Now instead of There & Then | Appreciative feedback enables development | Resistance mobilizes energy | Focus on what will be and less on what has not yet succeeded

eMail @ Christa Tauer
+43 (664) 354 87 26

Hermann Wegscheider

Senior consultant | Trainer, management consultant and coach | Psychotherapist for the Osterreichischer Arbeitskreis für Gruppentherapie und Gruppendynamik (Austrian Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Dynamics) | Management consultancy for Bill Lamond and Marsha Shenk (US) | Breathing and body psychotherapy (Holotropic Breathwork) for Dr Sylvester Walch

Key focuses

  • Management development
  • Moderating and guiding management workshops and teams
  • Executive coaching


Create interconnections through conversation | Filter inner voices and make conscious decisions | Head for the next curve with an eagerness to learn | Showing our vulnerable side builds our strength and nerves | Follow intuition and inspiration every day | Honesty in conflict | A person who knows what they are avoiding also knows what they can risk.

email @ Hermann Wegscheider
+43 (664) 203 19 09


Associate Consultant | Top Executive REWE Group | 20 years Top Manager in the tourism industry | Supervisory Board New World Travel Inc. and DER Asia | Systemic Organizational Consulting, focus on organizational culture | Strategy in time of change | Digitalization NOW

Key Activities

  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Mentoring
  • Sustainability and Compliance
  • Support during change processes
  • Organizational Development and Consulting
  • Executive Coaching


Real team work leads to success | Leader: profession or vocation? | Trust is the beginning of everything | Clear communication | Asking and listening – so simple and yet so difficult | Authenticity and staging | Audere est facere or loosely based on Goethe: Decide approximately right rather than exactly wrong!

eMail @ Matthias Rotter
+49 (176) 427 63 107


Confidentiality and discretion are key when cooperating with our clients. Some of these clients have expressly consented to their names being mentioned. In a face-to-face discussion , we can also say what we have done and where, how and when we did it.

In addition to medium-sized enterprises, our clients also include large-scale companies and international corporations from the industry and service sectors in German-speaking countries and in places where we advise and offer support in English.

Our internationally active clients particularly appreciate our expertise in personal development, which really brings to bear the management development approaches that have been tried and tested in the corporate world.

Our services, facilitating and supporting processes of change, are in equally high demand from medium-sized clients, as well as from international clients in the corporate world.

Helmut Joainig

Senior consultant | Management consultant | Studied communication science

Key focuses

  • Management development
  • Conflict management in processes of change
  • Conceptualising and supporting team development


Resolving relationships before resolving issues | Authenticity over perfection | Management is conflict | Someone who doesn’t change will change nothing | A person who is in control of their own identity is in control | If you want to reach your goal quickly, you have to start slowly

eMail @ Helmut Joainig
+43 (650) 800 90 99


Just as in the art of Aikido, the aim is to redirect and use the energy and resistance we face in the process of change. It’s about leading and following, a dance that paves the way for cooperation to succeed. After all, mobility and flexibility protect our personal resources and increase our resilience. We become more receptive to new concepts and gain a balanced view of the decisions ahead. In order to allow the transformation to succeed, NoTool bridges the gap between quality and acceptance.

We reinforce the following skills:

  • Openness to communicate
  • Courage
  • Mobility
  • Perseverance
  • Robustness
  • Authenticity
  • Composure
  • Resolve
  • Openness

Dance with change

Leading C A L M


C for connected

Building strong, trustful and binding relationships

Relationship, loyalty, commitment. If I can create real relationships as a manager and I am not afraid of contact and discussions, then I am more connected to myself, inspire confidence and bring about commitment in others. That way, I can also address unpleasant issues, move more freely and be moved.

Business is nothing else than a clew of human relationships. (Lee Iacocca)



Be aware of oneself and one‘s effect on others.

Those around me notice every one of my conscious and unconscious actions and assign them with meanings. Only by becoming aware of my behaviour and habits can I direct and change these (more) consciously. Reconciling my self-image with my influence on others demands clarity in cooperation and prevents confusion.

I am actually completely different, I just rarely get round to it. (Ödön von Horvath)


L for LOVE

Love who you are and what you do.

“Love” describes an internal attitude of appreciation for myself as a person: Taking my needs, aspirations and values seriously and taking responsibility for my own health and ability to work. This is the foundation of CALM leadership and it influences all other components.

There is no right life in the wrong one. (Theodor W. Adorno)



Here & Now – pause, reflect, act (differently).

If you pour water into a glass, it doesn’t retain the shape of the bottle but rather it “becomes” the glass. If you throw a pebble into a lake, the movement of the waves in the water corresponds exactly to the weight and volume of this pebble. The water does not overreact but it also does not fail to react completely. “Mind like water” means being in the present moment fully and completely, and reacting appropriately to the situation.

Step back to lead forward. (Kevin Cashman)

Contact means facing others, oneself and one’s areas of development with authenticity.


is something that NoTool truly believes in. Establishing relationships with people, their personal concerns and the key points of their organisation. No matter whether it’s about developing managers and key actors or supporting them through processes of change, NoTool puts the emphasis on getting involved, having discussions and meeting people.


A 1070 Vienna
Zieglergasse 76
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eMail Office
T +43 (1) 890 57 55

Guiding change

Why always get factual when we can be personal. (Anton Kuh)

At a glance, it often seems complex and difficult but on the whole, almost all the workshops that we organise personally with our clients focus on one simple principle: Bringing the actual topics into the open and calling them what they are, having the courage to challenge yourself and others, confronting people with their behaviour and their influence. Creating the willingness to act out conflict openly if not everything can be resolved. Resolving relationships before resolving issues is our guiding principle and sets out the sequence we follow. And that means our clients also reach their goal quicker.

Workshops | Management workshops | Team development | Conflict mediation | New manager assimilation | Support for vision and strategy

Legal notes

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Management development

In most module-based training courses for managers and key actors, we focus on some of the essential features of successful management:

  • Authenticity and harmony
  • Essential accomplishment
  • Authority and charisma
  • Presence
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Willingness to confront conflicts
  • Ability to (self-)reflect
  • Generosity

More about management development >>

Jürgen Ferchland

Senior consultant | Trainer for communication | Scrum Master | Gestalt therapist | Founder and owner of the Institute for Gestalt Organisational Consulting IGOR | Degree diploma economist | Studied sociology, social psychology, economics and finance

Key focuses

  • Leadership development
  • Leading change und consulting for change management
  • Team development, supervision
  • Organisational development and consulting
  • Executive coaching


Resistance means different interests coming into conflict

eMail @ Jürgen Ferchland
+49 (172) 688 79 65

Management development

What our clients have most of all are knowledge and tools. Above all, what they need are managers and employees who can apply these tools authentically and effectively. The thing that is missing and that therefore needs to be developed further, is the personality of the people. We make management a truly personal matter, for our clients and for us. As such, management development is always personal development as well. For us, management means starting with yourself and finding your own style and your own harmony when dealing with all the questions of management and leadership.

Annemarie Goldmann

Consulting Support

eMail @ Annemarie Goldmann
+43 (660) 100 20 11

Personal development for managers and key actors

An effective, authentic and energetic leader is essential for corporate success.

NoTool guides, confronts and pushes managers. Learning to trust fully in your own strengths, being aware of your weaknesses and managing effectively are the cornerstones of our approach – management development is personal development.

Being able to lead authentically and reliably outside your comfort zone as well – i.e. in challenging situations with lots of conflict – is one of the major aims for participants of the mostly multi-part
NoTool Management Development Programmes.

Only a few managers realise that in the end, they only have to manage one person. And that person is themselves. (Peter F. Drucker)

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